CAD Drawing Service

We can produce high quality CAD drawings for : Planning or Building Regulation applications. Layout drawings. Shop Plans. Space Planning. Interior Design.

Project Management

If you would prefer someone else to deal with the minefield of the approval process then i:draw would be pleased to do it for you.

Once we have got all of the approvals in place, we can then project manage the whole thing. From getting estimates, appointing contractors, then site manage the whole project from start to finish.

CAD Conversion Service 

We can convert hand drawn and paper drawings to CAD to provide you with the computer file, so if you need to provide your clients with electronic drawings for inclusion in Operations and Maintenance Manuals or Building Files.


Send me your paper drawings, they will be hand drafted to your specification and layer protocol. The drawings will be returned to you along with a CD-Rom containing high quality and accurate CAD drawings. These drawings can beedited or amended. 


We can also provide you with black and white or full colour prints of drawings, any size from A5 to A0.


Drawings that we can Convert:

: Floor Plans and Layouts                         

: Electrical/Wiring Diagrams:

: Detail Drawings           

: Plumbing/Drainage Layouts

: Architectural Plans Mechanical/HVAC

: Elevations

: Sprinkler Layouts

: As-Built Drawings

: Sketches


Planning & Building Regulation Applications 

i:draw can get involved from the very early stages, from initial advice and guidance, to site survey from which detailed plans can be produced. These drawings can then be prepared for submission for planning and Building Regulation approval.

Once Planning is granted, we can then go on to produce drawings for submission for Building Regulation Approval.

Operation and Maintenance Manuals

As O&M Manuals are required on most projects, even the smallest ones. i:draw can produce the whole document for you. Compiling lists of sub-contractors, suppliers and materials, as-built drawings and certificates into one clear and easy to read document, either in hard copy or CD format.

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